At 26° Latitude Ventures, we want to help promising startups have access to capital, expertise and networks that they need to fuel the growth of their company.


Startups start with people
have a big idea, a strong conviction  and the integrity to entrust with our capital.
Tech-enabled Processes
take a great idea and scale it, fast.

paying clients, traction of proven business model working.

Social Impact
Less tangible, but no less significant, startups with the desire for ‘societal good’ baked into their DNA

Investment Vertical
We are industry agnostic but we must be able to understand the business and add value. We do not invest in capital intensive, unethical or highly specialized industries.

Startup Investable Characteristics

Tech-enabled and highly scalable
Ensures rapid growth and high ROI
Unique USP & defensible IP
Barriers to entry & IP via patents or proprietary tech
Experienced and Coachable Founder(s)
Previous startup or corporate experience
Addresses a Huge Problem
Addressable market growth supports business growth
High Revenue Growth
More than 10% per month over the medium term
Identifiable Exit Pathways
Notional or specific avenues for investor exit


26° Latitude Ventures

Our Investors are private investors who finance early stage businesses. These people usually have extensive industry knowledge and experience. Because of their understanding, they invest their own money either individually, as a group, or on behalf of a company. Investment decisions, therefore, are based on trust and the quality of their founders and their pitch.

26° Latitude Investor’s are focused on more than just financial returns. These people are often excited by making a positive change in the world; being on the forefront of innovation; and consequently mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. 26° Latitude Ventures can provide invaluable Angel, Seed, Series A funding, and mentoring to cement your business within your target market and against competitors.


26° Latitude apply a multi-faceted engineered due diligence approach that is both tech-enabled and transparent, benefiting both startups and investors. It isn’t complicated, but it is detailed and very few make the cut.

But for those that do, we do everything in our power (with help from our network) to support their success and scale quicker.

Our ecosystem is designed to provide whatever our portfolio companies need.  And our transparent funding platform means our limited partners get direct access to syndicated rounds led by Ventures.



Apply for Investment

We believe investors should help Startups be great. We help startups become investor ready, lead the investment round via our venture fund and syndicate the round with smart and strategic follow-on investors.


Why apply for funding from 26° Latitude Ventures?

Funding to get you to the next level, Fast!

26° Latitude Ventures invests in Angel, Seed, and Series A rounds of promising, scalable startups.  We will give you immediate valuable feedback and can make investment decisions within weeks.

We want great startups to access the capital, expertise and networks they need to fuel the growth of their company rather than be tied up in a fundraising campaign or Due Diligence process that drags on for months. 

Tap into a network of investors

26° Latitude Ventures will lead the funding round, but will also leverage the 26° Latitude equity funding platform to attract additional investment from a large network of sophisticated, accredited and professional investors and venture capital.

Our philosophy is that investors should add value to their Startup investments, so we do our best to syndicate our investments with investors that share this philosophy and are a good cultural fit for the real rockstars of the show, the Startup founders.

Set yourself up for success!

Our 6-step process prepares entrepreneurs for fundraising, to make the experience as quick and pain-free as possible. We employ hands on coaching and bootcamps, free of charge, as part of our systematic analisys of Startups. 

Even if we choose to step aside from the funding round we provide pitching tools, communications frameworks, financial modelling, sales & marketing matrix and invaluable fundraising and strategic advice free of charge.

We’re committed to supporting your growth

Funding alone isn’t enough. After the money comes in the hard work begins. We are committed to ensuring our startups have the right resources and support to reach their next milestones and a successful liquidity event.