Startups start with people
have a big idea, a strong conviction  and the integrity to entrust with our capital.
Tech-enabled Processes
take a great idea and scale it, fast.

paying clients, traction of proven business model working.

Social Impact
Less tangible, but no less significant, startups with the desire for ‘societal good’ baked into their DNA

Investment Vertical
We are industry agnostic but we must be able to understand the business and add value. We do not invest in capital intensive, unethical or highly specialized industries.

Startup Investable Characteristics

Tech-enabled and highly scalable
Ensures rapid growth and high ROI
Unique USP & defensible IP
Barriers to entry & IP via patents or proprietary tech
Experienced and Coachable Founder(s)
Previous startup or corporate experience
Addresses a Huge Problem
Addressable market growth supports business growth
High Revenue Growth
More than 10% per month over the medium term
Identifiable Exit Pathways
Notional or specific avenues for investor exit